M O R - H E Art Tectonics

Creation of consciousness is a constant struggle between the darkness, light, and organic traditions. MOR-HE Art Tectonics is a company founded by Roman Heczko who pushes his designs to excel in the awakening of contextual senses through trained study of sacred geometry assigned to a space. All Golden Mean & Flower of Life Series architectural designs are built and crafted at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City. Roman is Czech/Moravian born and has a degree from Kansas State University in architecture, whose passion for life revolves around the art of master craft and the never ending pursuit of the extra ordinary. Fully absorb the sculpted Art and observe the Tectonics of tension unfold, as all the geometrically ordered components play out the role of wanting to perform, entertain, touch, inspire, and be in the ever present spotlight of being. All components and finishes are hand made, meticulously studied, engineered, custom assembled, and are meant to transcend a being throughout many lifetimes of use. New designs and product updates are constantly in the works.
Best Regards,
Roman Heczko
Associate AIA